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Back Lunge or Reverse Lunge – How to?

StepsApp Reverse lunge Back Lunge Training

This is how you do the most effective and healthy Back Lunge or Reverse Lunge!

Attention when you have already problems with your knees

A bad exercise technique can aggravate the development of pain, so proper lung execution is important.

  1. Starting position: Back Lunge – Feet parallel and hands in front of your chest
    Back Lunge How to? StepsApp Starting

  2. Take a big step backwards and swing with the arms to the support
    Back Lunge How to? StepsApp Back down

  3. Go back into the starting position and hold for a while
    Back Lunge How to? StepsApp Middle

  4. Move the other leg backwards and try to keep the leg axis straight – Tense the belly

    Back Lunge How to? StepsApp Down

Tips for the perfect Back Lunge / Reverse Lunge: 

  • Take a big step
  • Find the balance when you are down
  • Keep chest tall
  • Keep core engaged
  • User your hands for a powerful support
  • Make short breaks when you are up and down to keep the balance


Always ask a doctor for advice if you’ve had any related injuries to prevent strain.

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