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10 tips for a better endurance

10 tips for a better endurance

We have the best 10 tips for you to better your endurance! You want to improve your stamina and lift your strength training to another level? With more endurance your body will transform and you fat will be reduced and you look more athletic. Perform better and feel better We have 10 tips to improve your stamina. With this easy tips you will perform better and feel better. Your general endurance will get to another level and your training will be easier and more powerful. Train more complex and add endurance to improve your cardiovascular system and muscular endurance. The whole body will work more economically. 10 Tips for a better endurance TRAIN LONG Endurance training means to train long and in a moderate level. Start with 30min and increase to two hours. TRAIN REGULARLY You have to train regularly by minimum twice a week. TRAIN VARIED You can better your endurance by different sports like running, biking, hiking, walking, swimming or the cross trainer. RECOVER WELL Make enough brakes and give your body enough …

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Endurance despite muscle mass – is it possible?

Many athletes believe that you can’t have endurance with a lot of muscle. Is that true?  Is it possible to improve stamina despite muscle mass? Endurance vs Strength Comparing endurance athletes with strength athletes, the difference is most obvious at first glance. Endurance athletes are thinner and strength athletes simply have more muscle mass. Why?  Strength athletes have more of the so-called white muscle fibers. These are thicker, can generate more power, and are driven faster. The energy supply happens anaerobically, without oxygen, and due to the fast lactate increase the white muscle fibers tire very quickly. Runners and endurance athletes have much more red muscle fibers, in contrast to strength athletes . They are much thinner than the white fibers and are also driven slower. The energy supply is aerobic, with oxygen, and they work much more energy efficiently. Is it possible to improve stamina despite muscle mass? Yes, that is possible. With more muscle mass, you do also have to carry more weight during endurance training, which takes more energy, but the muscle …