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Workout ideas for getting in more steps in summer

Workout ideas for getting in more steps in summer

Summer is just around the corner, and this finally brings us more opportunities for outdoor activities. We are looking forward to spending more time in nature and getting fit while doing so. There are many great ways of how to get in your steps while spending time outside. We collected some of them. Have a read and pick your personal favourite(s). 🙂 1. Hiking  Summer is the perfect time for exploring new trails or rediscovering known ones in your surroundings. The height difference that you cover will help you burn some extra calories and the view that awaits you once you reach the top will more than reward you for all your efforts.  2. Running up hills Running up some hills is a wonderful way for exercising outside and building your fitness and strength. It’s enough if you take about 20-30 minutes once per week to do this exercise. Plus it is also a great way to get ready for any 5k (or more) runs you want to participate in. 3. Walking in your neighbourhood …

Mentaltraining für zu Hause StepsApp

Mental training at home!

Mental Fitness for a better health You’ve probably heard of mental training. You can change your life positively through mental training. Whether in sports, for losing weight or in everyday life, mental training enables you to use the power of your thoughts and improve your health. Your inner world determines how you determine your outer (visible) world. How to do that, you can read here. And it’s that easy! Using special mental exercises, you can imagine how you want to behave in key situations. More specifically, you visualize your thinking, your feeling and your behavior in certain situations. As a result, these images are stored in your subconscious and automatically transferred to a real life. Under Brain cannot differentiate between these thoughts, fantasy and reality. Therefore, in the end the result is the same and you can act confidently in critical situations through mental training. Whether against stress, in sports, for losing weight, for your general health or for more self-confidence and against depression – mental training can be used in many ways. Types of …

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This is how you not gain weight in #stayhome & home office times!

Healthy through the home office and #stayhome times. What about your motivation for exercise and sport in the past few weeks? Did you get a little lazy with #stayhome and home office? We will show you how you do not gain weight even in these times. With a little discipline, you will even get your summer body. And summer is definitely coming! Especially in times when you are more at home and have changed your habits, it is difficult to maintain your rhythm of movement. Unfortunately, a few unhealthy habits are creeping in here. Are you constantly eating all day and eating extremely unhealthy? Chocolate is your new love? The lack of movement not only affects your figure, but also your health. Our tips for a healthy #stayhome and home office time. 1. Structure your day It is also important in the home office that you structure your day well and have a schedule. Then it cannot happen that you stay in bed for a long time and are inactive. It is best to structure …

Our best tips for your Home Workout

Training at home – the best tips for your home workout!

You can also do an effective training at home. If you can’t go to the gym or are at home, you can work out just as well. Training with your own body weight and / or simple aids is very effective and is ab absolutely free.  So you stay fit at home in your own four walls. The perfect home workout for you. What is the most effective way to train at home? Just like in the gym, warming up is very important. This protects you from injuries and prepares you for intensive training at home. Simple exercises such as jumping on the stand, skippings, jumping jack or dynamic stretches (slightly rocking) are perfect for this. The warm-up program should take about 5-10 minutes and include as many muscle groups as possible. Then the actual training begins. Whether in the living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen, you can train anywhere at home. You only need about 1-2m2 of floor space around you. Training at home is best done in a split workout. This …

Fitness FAQs StepsApp

Most frequently asked fitness questions!

We answer the most common questions about fitness for beginners. What you need to know when you are just starting your training. The most common questions and answers for fitness beginners. I want my abs to be seen better, what should I do? In order to get a fit belly, it is not enough if you only train your abs. In addition to the actual strength training, you also have to adjust your diet to generally reduce body fat. How long does it take to really build up muscle mass? This question can not be answered on a general basis. It all depends on what type you are and how the training works for you. The overall package plays an important role in this case. Training, nutrition and motivation must be right, then the muscles will grow faster. One can say that after 12-16 weeks with regular training (2-4x per week) a change can be seen. I started training to lose weight, but now I have more weight. How does it work? If you start …

StepsApp New Year Resolution Ideas

How you reach your New Year’s Resolution Ideas!

Do you have New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier and Sportier Living? New Year’s resolutions are perfect for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make. Not next week, not next month and not next year. Change it know!  But sometimes it is not so easy to do it very long. So with these tips you stay tuned! 1. Set realistic goals Set goals that you can achieve. You can also risk something, but they should be realistic. 2. Set intermediate goals Set small intermediate goals, then the motivation is higher and you can reach your big goal in stages. 3. Acquire skills Think about how you can achieve your goals. What do you need for it and how do you get it? 4. Reward yourself If you have achieved a goal, treat yourself to something. You deserve it. 5. Share your success with others Share your success on social media, exchange ideas and motivate others. 6. Be patient There will also be bad moments, but if you …

StepsApp Blog Santa Workout

Check out Santas workout!

What does Santa do after Christmas? Maybe a workout to stay fit for the next year, or maybe relaxing on the beach? We don’t know, but here is a short Santas Workout for you. Let´s go! 10 minutes in a circle * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone into a simple and beautiful step counter. Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. Visit our Website – StepsApp

StepsApp Blog Just Walk

Keep on walking!

The Longest Walkable Distance on Earth is a 14,334 mile trek! We do not yet know how many steps you need for the longest walkable distance on earth, but if someone has already done so, then they should simply count with our app. We already have the right music suggestion. Our music suggestion for your long walk 😉 – Passenger “Keep on Walking” * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone into a simple and beautiful step counter. Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. Visit our Website – StepsApp