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Fitness FAQs StepsApp

Most frequently asked fitness questions!

We answer the most common questions about fitness for beginners. What you need to know when you are just starting your training. The most common questions and answers for fitness beginners. I want my abs to be seen better, what should I do? In order to get a fit belly, it is not enough if you only train your abs. In addition to the actual strength training, you also have to adjust your diet to generally reduce body fat. How long does it take to really build up muscle mass? This question can not be answered on a general basis. It all depends on what type you are and how the training works for you. The overall package plays an important role in this case. Training, nutrition and motivation must be right, then the muscles will grow faster. One can say that after 12-16 weeks with regular training (2-4x per week) a change can be seen. I started training to lose weight, but now I have more weight. How does it work? If you start …

StepsApp New Year Resolution Ideas

How you reach your New Year’s Resolution Ideas!

Do you have New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier and Sportier Living? New Year’s resolutions are perfect for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make. Not next week, not next month and not next year. Change it know!  But sometimes it is not so easy to do it very long. So with these tips you stay tuned! 1. Set realistic goals Set goals that you can achieve. You can also risk something, but they should be realistic. 2. Set intermediate goals Set small intermediate goals, then the motivation is higher and you can reach your big goal in stages. 3. Acquire skills Think about how you can achieve your goals. What do you need for it and how do you get it? 4. Reward yourself If you have achieved a goal, treat yourself to something. You deserve it. 5. Share your success with others Share your success on social media, exchange ideas and motivate others. 6. Be patient There will also be bad moments, but if you …

StepsApp Blog Santa Workout

Check out Santas workout!

What does Santa do after Christmas? Maybe a workout to stay fit for the next year, or maybe relaxing on the beach? We don’t know, but here is a short Santas Workout for you. Let´s go! 10 minutes in a circle * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone into a simple and beautiful step counter. Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. Visit our Website – StepsApp

StepsApp Blog Just Walk

Keep on walking!

The Longest Walkable Distance on Earth is a 14,334 mile trek! We do not yet know how many steps you need for the longest walkable distance on earth, but if someone has already done so, then they should simply count with our app. We already have the right music suggestion. Our music suggestion for your long walk 😉 – Passenger “Keep on Walking” * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone into a simple and beautiful step counter. Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. Visit our Website – StepsApp

Best Tips Time To Relax StepsApp Blog

Best Tips to Relax!

It is important to take a break from the stressful everyday life, come down and relax. Find some alone time.  Take slow, deep breaths.  Focus your attention on things that are happening right now in the present moment. Listen to you favorite music.  Massage your scalp.  Write things down which are in your mind. Focus on your breath. Let the thoughts come and go. * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone into a simple and beautiful step counter. Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. Visit our Website – StepsApp

Music and Spots StepsApp Pedometer

Music and Sports for a better performance!

Headphones on and let’s go! Music and sport are inseparable for some. But does music have a positive effect on athletic performance? Studies have shown that music has a positive effect on athletic performance and can even increase it. The average speed was higher when running with music than without music. It was even found that lactate formation and heart rate did not increase significantly in some cases. Music triggers emotions that have a psychosomatic effect and can push during sport. This has a positive effect on the body and the muscle tone increases and posture improves. Tips for music and sports Use music specifically to calm down (if you’re nervous) or push (if you want to run faster) Attention, but also pull yourself a little so that you do not overdo it (keep your pulse in mind) Before sport, music can be used to generate positive emotions (anticipation) Do not depend on music, you should always be able to do sports even without music Warning, music can also distract from dangerous situations when running …

You can do it - StepsApp Blog

The Best Motivational Quotes For Training!

The Best Motivational Quotes For Training. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you with our five quotes! „Summer bodies are earned in the winter.“ „Bad weather always looks worse through a window.“ „It’s only cold if you are standing still.“ „It has to be hard so you’ll never forget.“ „The best view comes after the hardest climb.“ * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone into a simple and beautiful step counter. Just put your phone in your pocket and off you go. Visit our Website – StepsApp

Snowshoe Hiking

Snowshoe Hiking – Wonderful Winter Activity

Snowshoe hiking is very popular. It is a great experience to walk through the snow-covered winter landscape and to enjoy the beautiful nature off the beaten track. Snowshoe hiking is a perfect endurance training and the routes can be adapted to the respective fitness level. Thus snowshoe hiking is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. How to do Snowshoe Hiking? The basic technique is to put one foot in front of the other by putting the end of the rear snowshoe next to the tip of the front snowshoe. You move forward in parallel and the movement is supported by sticks. Uphill, you take shorter steps, the steeper the terrain. Downhill mostly takes place in the direct path with a light supine position. Tips No special footwear necessary Warm clothing, functional and waterproof Backpack with meals Route should be determined beforehand Caution in avalanche areas, take appropriate equipment with you And the number of steps. With a 3h hike you can reach the 10,000 steps. * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker …

Santa Claus Raunning StepsApp Pedometer App

Santa Claus Run

Did you know? There are a lot of Santa Runs all around the globe. Basically it is a simple fun run where everyone dresses up as Santa Claus. The run over the Christmas holidays is not meant too serious and so a lot of runners participate just to have fun. So there is no need to run fast, but maybe to make your 10,000 steps 😉 Read how to make 10,000 steps!

Easily 5000 Steps - StepsApp Pedometer App

How to easily make 5000 steps a day – Lets go!

10,000 steps every day is not easy. So why not to start with a 5,000 steps goal? Wearing a pedometer or fitness tracker is an easy way to support you to reach this goal.  A reasonable goal for most people is to increase average daily steps each week by 500. Set small goals and for example aim for 2,000 steps before your lunch break.  Getting 10,000 steps a day for 30 days is much harder that it seems. But if this is your goal, start with a lower amount. Let’s say with 5,000 steps a day. Make the first 1200 steps from waking up until lunch break Take the stairs and count the floors as often as you can Go for a small walk in the lunch break Take the stairs and count the floors again after the lunch break When you come home, go shopping on foot If you have not reached your 5,000 steps in the evening, then go for a round walk, 15-20min are enough * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and …

Think positive winter depression StepsApp Pedometer Blog App

Think positive! 7 tips against seasonal affective disorder

7 tips against seasonal affective disorder – Think Positive! Do you know that, when it gets dark again outside and the days are shorter, then a slight depression creeps in. Seasonal affective disorder – Your mood will drop and your motivation for activities will decrease. We have some tips to escape the winter depression. It is also called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is a feeling of tiredness and sadness that some people have during the autumn and winter when there is very little sunshine. Start the day with positive thoughts Do not let negative thoughts be in your mind Smile have a positive attitude Be happy about the little things and always see the good things Just leave out negative messages and surround yourself with positive people Avoid comparisons Pay attention to your needs Additional tip: Move and do sports. If you set yourself a daily step goal, that will help you with your motivation. Many small steps make a big whole. * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone …

10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn

10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn

No motivation for activities in autumn? Here we go! 10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn. The warm summer air is replaced by a colder fresh breeze of autumn. The leaves are falling down and the trees are more colorful. The days are getting shorter and your motivation for being active is getting lower, like the temperatures outside. So how to stay motivated to keep active? The 10 best effective tips to stay active during the colder time of the year. 10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn! Plan your goals and highlights for 2020 Think about which event you wanna run in 2020. It can be a marathon, halfmarathon or 5k run. Whether you are competitive or not, set goals. One goal may also be that you simply want to hike on a special mountain. And for that you have to be fit and create the endurance and strengthen base in winter. Go out and enjoy the beautiful nature The trees change from green leaves to orange, red, and yellow. …

Summer activities with your kids

Summer days are best to be active with your family and have fun with your kids. You must not spend a lot of money to enjoy the feeling of summer. We have some ideas for you: Run through a sprinkler together Have a water fight using balloons and spray bottles Go hiking in the woods Have dinner in the park or somewhere else outside Go swimming in a lake Take a family walk Go out for ice cream Visit a theme park Go camping If you decide to be active in summer be spontaneous but also take care and don´t forget the following: Warm up and stretch before sports Drink enough water especially on hot days Have some snacks with you  Take enough brakes to avoid overuse injury Be a supportive parent and hear what your kids want Two ideas for the ultimative summer fun. Recycled Bottle Bowling Use some old plastic bottles, write numbers on them and play bowling with a tennis ball. Orienteering run Hide some sweets or small presents in the garden …

Did you ever think how many steps do we take in our life?

We make an average of 7,500 steps per day. Since one step is 0.8 meters on average, we walk 6 km a day (3.7 miles). So at the end of an 80-year life, how far have we gone? Its 242.857.142 Steps Walking is the most widely practiced sport in the US according to statistics. So why not walk to the moon or around the earth? 550.000.000 steps = earth to moon 57.250.000 steps = around the earth 6.428.571 steps = from western to eastern of the US 55.000 steps = Marathon 7000 steps = 3 miles 2500 steps = go for shopping 150 steps = carry the garbage down 20 steps = from bedroom to the kitchen

Better your sleep with some tips!

You don’t wanna hear the question „How did you sleep last night?“ when you already look groggy and very sleepy? A good nights sleep is essential for our body and our mind. We regenerate better and we perform better. Regenerative sleep will help you to better your mental capacity and you feel better. It will remove your stress and improve your ability to solve complex situations. Your body will benefit from a good nights sleep as well and reduce your risk of healthy issues. There are many ways to improve your sleeping quality. Noise Some of us are very sensitive of loud noise in the night. Try to eliminate all noises around you when you sleep. Fresh air The inside air of your bedroom is helpful for a good sleep. Allow fresh air to flow before you go to bed. Aloe Vera plants help you to freshen the air during the night. Room temperature The temperature in the bedroom is in most cases too high. The ideal temperature ist between 17 and 19 Celsius. Mattress This should …

StepsApp 5tips for 10,000 steps per day

5 tips to get your 10,000 steps per day

Here are some tips for your 10,000 steps per day. Count your steps and reach your fitness goal. This are the best tips to reach it! Remember, 10,000 steps are good to reach, but your goal can also be lower. The most important ist, that you are active, set goals and try to get it. Why 10,000 steps per day? 1. Take the stairs At work, at home anywhere. Track the flights with your fitness tracker. 2. Park far away When you park in the back of the parking lot, then you make additional steps. 3. Take the long way Take the longest route in office or at supermarket to get more steps. 4. Get off the bus one stop earlier Your body will be thankful if you walk sometimes instead of sitting in public transport. 5. Walk and talk with StepsApp  Business call can also be held during walking. Also read “Why should I reach 10,000 steps a day?”   * StepsApp Pedometer App – Step Counter and Walking Tracker * StepsApp turns your phone into a …

Why should you make 10,000 steps a day?

Fact is, that exercising improves your health. In this context you can often hear about the 10,000 steps a day. What is behind this magic number? Exercising is good for the body Regular exercise reduces the risks of many diseases. The heart begins to work more efficiently and the risk of heart attack is lower. The cardiovascular system is working more economically through training and stress hormones get reduced.  Regularity make it happen For a health benefit it is very important to exercise regularly. Ideally a mix of endurance, strength and mobility. A minimum of 30minutes each session and three or four times a week would be fine and helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle. What about the 10,000 steps? The number of steps depends very much on your goals and your activities. If you are fairly active then you can set your daily step goal higher. The average American walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day. There are studies which say that taking fewer than 5,000 steps a day on average can increase …