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Does a pedometer count exactly? StepsApp Pedometer App

Does a pedometer count exactly?

A pedometer is a very practical tool for daily fitness motivation. With the right app, you can turn your phone into a simple and beautiful pedometer. But does ist count correct at all? Cell phone in your pocket, and the pedometer automatically records your steps in the background! For the necessary motivation, you can set goals and will be notified when you should be more active. The clear evaluation shows how you have improved or on which days you have taken more steps. But does a pedometer count exactly? How does a pedometer count your steps? A pedometer app, for example, uses the built-in sensors of the phone to count the steps. The basis for counting steps is the so-called pedometer, which registers and analyzes the corresponding movements. Your steps are determined on the basis of this data. The accuracy of the sensors always depends on the sensor quality in the phone. The latest phones have very, very good sensors that can distinguish exactly what counts as a step and what counts as another vibration. …

What makes a good steps counter? StepsApp

What makes a good steps counter?

With many different pedometer apps and step trackers on the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for when picking a step counter. Following, we highlight some features that should be included in a good pedometer. Maybe this helps in finding the right one. Features of a good pedometer SimplicityA simple pedometer design makes it easier to overview tracked steps- and other data. Our brain is wired for simplicity, because it makes things easier to understand and process. Integrated calories trackingCalories tracking is an essential element of a good steps counter. With it it’s easier to stay on track – especially when you’re using the pedometer in your weight loss plan. Integrated distance trackingAfter taking a walk or going for a run, you’d like to know the distance you’ve covered. With an integrated distance tracking tool this is easy and it complements calories tracking very well. Option to set a personal steps goal A simple, yet useful feature of a good pedometer. By setting a personal daily steps goal, staying on track …