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5 exercises for a flat belly

A flat belly is a sign of fitness and health. But beside the optical reasons, a fit belly makes you stronger and gives you stability for your daily movements. You will have less injuries and feel more comfortable. How to get your Six-pack in Five Weeks We have five exercises for you, which create a lean and rock-hard waist. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro. How to do Start with the following exercises from the top to the bottom. Each as long as you can with around 60 sec break. 3-4 times a week. In week one you make one round, week two its two rounds and so on. In week five you make five rounds of each exercise and we promise, you will have an IRON BELLY! 1. Classical Sit-up Lie on your back with the feet up to keep tension on your middle. Use your core to lift you and try to reach for your knees. Reverse and repeat, feeling the burn in your middle abs. 2. Russian Twist …

5 minutes to train your butt

Want a well shaped butt without going to the gym? We have the perfect butt workout for you to create the perfect butt at home. Invest five minutes every day and get stronger, better looking and fitter. Do the training as a circle and 1 minute each exercise, repeat if you feel you want more! 1. Squats Go as deep as you can and hold. 2. Kick Feet up left and right. 3. Side steps Left and right as deep as you can. 4. Deep steps Left and right as deep as you can. 5. Glute Bridge Butt up and down as often as you can.

Fit in 15 minutes!

You don’t have so much time, but you wanna get fitter and more healthy? Ok, not the perfect conditions, but you can still do it. We have a small fitness program for you which takes you 15min each day. Try it! The idea is to make 4 exercises with 20 sec each and between them you make some endurance training and count 100 steps or 30 stairs. This all takes not more then 15 minutes each day! If you are advanced, then you can repeat this as often as you can. Let´s go! 1: 20sec push ups 2: walk 20 stairs or make 100 steps 3: 20sec up and down 4: walk 20 stairs or make 100 steps 5: 20sec core training 6: walk 20 stairs or make 100 steps 7: 20sec sit-ups Motivated for one round more? Let´s do it! Tipp: If you wanna count your steps use StepsApp Pedometer. 😉

Drink enough water in summer!

Water is very important for the proper functions of our body. Dehydration, especially in summer causes a lot of cardiovascular problems. The human body is around 60% of water. If we loose 2% over sweating, it can be 20% less performance. We have 7 important tips for your about not getting dehydrated in summer, when you make your steps wherever you spend the hot days. During intensive exercises and when you are sweating you should drink enough. It´s recommended to drink around 2 liters every day and even more when you do some intensive workouts. Do not just drink water. Your body needs to get filled the minerals to help it balance out and recover after intense exercises. You can make the Electrolyte on your own. Just mix 1/2 l green tea or normal water with 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon magnesium powder and 1/2 cup of 100% fruit juice. Your thirst is tells you when you should drink. When your total water content goes below a certain level, thirst kicks in. The better way …