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Most frequently asked fitness questions!

We answer the most common questions about fitness for beginners. What you need to know when you are just starting your training. The most common questions and answers for fitness beginners. I want my abs to be seen better, what should I do? In order to get a fit belly, it is not enough if you only train your abs. In addition to the actual strength training, you also have to adjust your diet to generally reduce body fat. How long does it take to really build up muscle mass? This question can not be answered on a general basis. It all depends on what type you are and how the training works for you. The overall package plays an important role in this case. Training, nutrition and motivation must be right, then the muscles will grow faster. One can say that after 12-16 weeks with regular training (2-4x per week) a change can be seen. I started training to lose weight, but now I have more weight. How does it work? If you start …

Burpees - Full Body Workout #1 | StepsApp Exercise & Training

Burpees – a full body workout to loose weight!

Burpees for a full body workout to loose weight! Burpees are a fundamental and full bodyweight exercise which improves your coordination, balance and strength. It is a standard exercise in Crossfit. In our workout we have the light version of it. Without jumping and less effort on the ground. Burpees are a full body workout to loose weight. Why Burpees? Burpees are a full bodyweight exercise which trains different skills of your body. It combines several fitness exercises to a fluid movement and betters your coordination, balance and strength. They are perfect for body fat burning. Due their intense they burn a ton of calories, much more than with moderate exercising. Watch the StepsApp Video on YouTube for “How to do a Burpee?”: How to do a Burpee? In general Burpees are an advanced exercise which combines several fitness exercises into a fluid movement. It is a mixture of squat, push-up and stretch with hands. We choose a basic and light version of this powerful exercise. This is how to start with Burpees as a beginner. 1. Starting position: Stand …

5 minutes for a perfect butt

Want a well shaped butt without going to the gym? We have the perfect butt workout for you to create the perfect butt at home. Invest five minutes every day and get stronger, better looking and fitter. Do the training as a circle and 1 minute each exercise, repeat if you feel you want more! This workout burn calories and makes you stronger and fitter.  1. Squats Go as deep as you can and hold.     2. Kick Feet up left and right. 3. Side steps Left and right as deep as you can. 4. Deep steps Left and right as deep as you can.   5. Glute Bridge Butt up and down as often as you can. How to get a flat belly and strong core muscles? Read here

StepsApp training fit in 15 minutes

Fit in 15 minutes!

You don’t have so much time, but you wanna get fitter and more healthy? We show you how you can get fit in 15 minutes! The key: Less time, but more effective training workout. In other words, use the time you have and concentrate on your training! Ok, not the perfect conditions, but you can still do it. We have a small fitness program for you which takes you 15min each day, to get stronger, healthier and above all, it keeps you feeling more comfortable. It burns calories and protects your bones! It’s both beginners and advanced – try it! The idea is to make 4 exercises with 20 sec each and between them you make some endurance training and count 100 steps or 30 stairs. This all takes not more then 15 minutes each day – so get fit in 15 minutes! If you are advanced, then you can repeat this as often as you can. For example you can start with one round in the first week, do one more in the second and third …