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Feeling shivery or sweating – How do you run better?

Running short sleeved or long sleeved?

The question for the ideal clothing and body temperature when running arises quite often. Is it better to go for a run short sleeved and risk feeling a little cold, or long sleeved and being sweaty?

The basics: Feeling shivery or sweating?

When you ask athletes for the most suitable dress for training you will often hear “a little chill” at the start of the training is good. And that’s correct.
Slight shivering can be counterbalanced with a bit more physical stress.

It’s important though, that you don’t sweat too much during your training sessioni. For our body it’s worse to sweat than to freeze, because fluid loss when sweating affects your performance stronger.

You shouldn’t be too cold

While freezing slightly is no problem for our performance and body, it’s important to be careful not to cool down too much.

If it’s still very cold outside, a short sleeved T-shirt and shorts are not the best choice. In the cold blood circulation is reduced, which is why tendons, joints and sinews can be injured. In succession this can cause worse regeneration, higher physical stress and – over a period of time – eventually also lead to faster wear of the joints.

The effect of heat and moisture on the immune system

While you go for a run your immune defence is at first heightened before it falls.
Directly after finishing a sweaty training session the danger of getting an infection is higher.

That’s especially the case if you have a longer way home after your run and you’re still wearing your wet sports clothes.


It’s better to feel a little shivery when starting training, than to sweating too much. So: Unpack your short sleeved T-shirt. If you’re feeling way too cold, you simply run a little faster – this should solve the problem. 🙂

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