Fit in 15 minutes!

You don’t have so much time, but you wanna get fitter and more healthy?

Ok, not the perfect conditions, but you can still do it. We have a small fitness program for you which takes you 15min each day. Try it!

The idea is to make 4 exercises with 20 sec each and between them you make some endurance training and count 100 steps or 30 stairs. This all takes not more then 15 minutes each day! If you are advanced, then you can repeat this as often as you can.

Let´s go!

1: 20sec push ups

2: walk 20 stairs or make 100 steps

3: 20sec up and down

4: walk 20 stairs or make 100 steps

5: 20sec core training

6: walk 20 stairs or make 100 steps

7: 20sec sit-ups

Motivated for one round more? Let´s do it!

Tipp: If you wanna count your steps use StepsApp Pedometer. 😉