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Five Workout of the Day (CrossFit WOD)

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Workout of the Day is a daily workout, done in a certain amount of time, or complete a circuit as fast as possible. Here are the five best WOD´s for you. For Pros and Beginners! 

1. Gym hammer training

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Gym hammer training

The workout with the gym hammer is very popular and trains the whole body. It is best to “work” a large tire with a hammer. It is a whole body training for tough athletes! Simply hit the tires with a hammer in both hands and a wide position.

Warning: Always make sure that the exercises are carried out in a clean and controlled manner. Start with a stable footing and warm yourself up enough to avoid injury.

2. Forward Lunge with weights

Walk the weight plate

Walking with weights is the perfect training for legs and buttocks, as well as upper body and good stability. Take a few steps with the weight in front of your body and then take a lunge backwards. You can then either turn the weight plate to the right and left or lift it up.

Attention: Make sure you have good body tension and a straight back. No pain in the knees should occur during the lunge.

3. Skippings with arm work

Skippings with arm work

The exercise is particularly popular for runners, It trains the coordination, jumping ability and endurance. Alternate with the support of the arms, perform leg jumps.

Warning: Complete the jumps in full. Above all, these should be directed upwards and not towards the front.

4. Medicine ball throw as partner exercise

Medicine ball throw as partner exercise

Alternately, the medicine ball is thrown to the partner in the lying position when slowly rolling up. The abdominal muscles will become iron through this exercise and it is perfect for a little challenge between you and your trainings buddy.

Attention: A clean rolling movement is important. First head, shoulder and then slowly the stomach in a round motion. The ball is only thrown at the very end and the partner then rolls off again.

5. Pull the dumbbell in the push-up position

Pull the dumbbell in the push-up position

Starting from a push-up position with hands on the dumbbells, the arms are raised alternately on the right and left and the shoulder blades are tensed. Body tension and stability are essential.

Warning: Always take an appropriate weight and perform the movement smoothly and not jerkily.

CrossFit is an intensive workout, hard and highly functional. It is suitable even for inexperienced athletes, but should initially be accompanied by experienced trainers, since the exercises are sometimes very complex.

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