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How to do Squats correctly and effectively!

How to do powerful squats StepsApp Pedometer App

Workout of the day: How to do Squats correctly and effectively!

If squats are not performed properly, it can often cause discomfort and injury. Squats, made right, strengthen your legs and buttocks. They have a positive effect on your bones and improve your overall athleticism. If squats are not performed correctly, high pressure peaks in the joints can lead to a higher risk of injury.

Are Squats effectively?

The squats mainly train the thighs and the muscles of the lower body. You can easily do the exercise with your own body weight. A strong trunk muscles is the prerequisite to perform the exercise clean and targeted. Read here how to do Squats correctly and effectively:

How to do Squats correctly

  1. Starting position: feet parallel, toes pointing slightly to the outside
  2. Torso tension and looking forward
  3. Now slowly go down to your knees, leading the buttocks backwards
  4. The weight is shifted to the heels
  5. The rubber band over the knees prevents the knees from moving in, holding tension
  6. Back stuck and straight
  7. Looking forward, with heels on the ground, hands in front of the body and elbows bent

Trainingstip: 2-4 passes with 8-14 repetitions each


Always ask a doctor for advice if you’ve had any related injuries to prevent strain.

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