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Activity Import from other devices - StepsApp

Import and connect your activities from Garmin, Polar, Suunto or other FitnessTracker with Apple Health and analyze them in StepsApp.

Import your activities from other devices like Vivofit, Fitbit, Vivoactive, Vivomove, Apple Watch, Polar Ignite, Vantage, Polar M600, Garmin Fenix, Forerunner, Suunto Spartan – check out first, if they are compatible with Apple Health. Then import data to Apple Health and sync to StepsApp with the Pro-Version. Easy App to count steps!

StepsApp seamlessly works with Apple Health and Google Fit, you can also track your steps with many of your other favorite wearables, and analyze your activity with beautiful charts and stunning animations.

Watch how to import on YouTube

Watch our video on YouTube to see how you can import your activities from Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar or other devices to StepsApp – pedometer and fitness tracker app.

How to import data

1. Connect your Smart Watch with the phone and import data (3rd party app, for example Garmin Connect).

2. Connect your 3rd party app with AppleHealth (if it is supported by Apple Health).

Connect device with Apple Health

3. Import data into StepsApp / or synchronize with StepsApp Pro from Apple Health App.

How to change the sync mode:

  • Please open StepsApp
  • Open Settings
  • Find Apple Health cell 
  • Turn ON “Apple Health Sync”
  • Import Now

Sync with StepsApp with AppleHealth

4. Analyze your Steps in StepsApp.

Analyze your activity data with our revolutionary month and year view – easily spot your most active days and identify activity patterns.

Analyze your Steps in StepsApp

Also watch how to Start your workout on Apple Watch with StepsApp

We at StepsApp help you to reach your goals. Because every step counts! So start to import your activities from other devices now!

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