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Mental Fitness for a better health

You’ve probably heard of mental training. You can change your life positively through mental training. Whether in sports, for losing weight or in everyday life, mental training enables you to use the power of your thoughts and improve your health. Your inner world determines how you determine your outer (visible) world. How to do that, you can read here.

And it’s that easy!

Using special mental exercises, you can imagine how you want to behave in key situations. More specifically, you visualize your thinking, your feeling and your behavior in certain situations. As a result, these images are stored in your subconscious and automatically transferred to a real life. Under Brain cannot differentiate between these thoughts, fantasy and reality. Therefore, in the end the result is the same and you can act confidently in critical situations through mental training. Whether against stress, in sports, for losing weight, for your general health or for more self-confidence and against depression – mental training can be used in many ways.

Types of mental training

Mindfulness exercises: Training the mind to focus on one thing.
Autogenic training: Training for relaxation created from within.
Mantras: Creating a positive self-image by reciting positive phrases.
Meditation: Relaxation exercises to focus and calm down.
Visualization: Imagine a situation that you want to experience in reality.

Mental training exercise to support depression and positive thoughts

  1. Take 15 minutes and find a quiet and cozy place where you can concentrate well.
  2. Sit comfortably (not lying down) and relax your body.
  3. Close your eyes (advanced users can also keep them slightly open) and breathe in and out slowly and in a controlled manner.
  4. Imagine clear pictures of a specific situation that should be the way you want it (sports, everyday life, friends, family, etc.).
  5. Visualize all details (what is the mood, the environment, what do you hear and feel?).
  6. See yourself acting exactly how you want to be (e.g. instead of losing your composure, calmly and calmly resolving a conflict and having an unemotional conversation).
  7. Think positive and don’t lose focus that you can do it.

Practice regularly and take your time. After a few weeks you will see the first successes and feel a noticeable improvement. Think positive and stay healthy!

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