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Music and Sports for a better performance!

Music and Spots StepsApp Pedometer

Headphones on and let’s go! Music and sport are inseparable for some. But does music have a positive effect on athletic performance?

Studies have shown that music has a positive effect on athletic performance and can even increase it. The average speed was higher when running with music than without music. It was even found that lactate formation and heart rate did not increase significantly in some cases.

Music triggers emotions that have a psychosomatic effect and can push during sport. This has a positive effect on the body and the muscle tone increases and posture improves.

Tips for music and sports

  • Use music specifically to calm down (if you’re nervous) or push (if you want to run faster)
  • Attention, but also pull yourself a little so that you do not overdo it (keep your pulse in mind)
  • Before sport, music can be used to generate positive emotions (anticipation)
  • Do not depend on music, you should always be able to do sports even without music
  • Warning, music can also distract from dangerous situations when running (cars, trains, etc.)

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