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Rope Climbing – Perfect Workout for a strong core!

Rope Climbing - Perfect Belly Workout

Rope Climbing, how to do a perfect crunch for an effective core workout?

This workout with rope climbing crunches are fantastic for toning up the abdominal muscles. They are most effective if you do them right. We show you how!

Why Rope climbing is a good core workout?

Strong core muscles make it easier to do simple every day movements. They are very important if you do some sports. Especially for runners or swimmers they can help you to improve your technique and help you to stay fit. Weak core muscles can cause injuries and pain in your back.

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How to do a perfect Crunch with Rope Climbing?

Crunches are a basic workout, which you can do every day and help you to perform better in your daily life and improve your performance for all kinds of sports. They promote good posture by working your lower back and gluteal muscles. With the movement of the crunch it’s going more to be a situp and targets more muscles. With the use of your arms, you will also have an upper body workout. The big advantage of Rope Climbing ist, that with the use of your arms you can control the movement. This is more effective and reduces the possibility of lower back and neck injuries, like you can have with Situps. 

  1. Starting position: Turn onto your back with stable heels

    Rope Climbing - Belly Workout starting position

  2. Lift your shoulders from the floor with the help of your hands, like your are climbing a rope

    Rope Climbing - Belly Workout core workout

  3. Move your upper body slowly upwards and pull on the “rope”

    Rope Climbing - Belly Workout belly workout

  4. Go slowly down again and start the next climb

    Rope Climbing - Belly Workout StepsApp

  5. And again move your upper body up by pulling the “rope”Rope Climbing - Belly Workout


Rope Climbing, the perfect workout for a strong core is very effective. It leads to more strength for daily movements. It´s more than having visible six-packs. It’s about functionality and improving your power for your sports, like running or swimming. With a strong core you can perform better. Rope climbing is perfect to strengthening and developing your core muscles.

Watch out the YouTube Video for Rope Climbing – Perfect Workout for a strong core!

Make the Rope Climbing to the workout of your day!!



Always ask a doctor for advice if you’ve had any related injuries to prevent strain.

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