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Skipping: Power Workout to do at home

Skipping Power Workout to do at home - StepsApp Pedometer App

Skipping is the best power workout to do at home!

Skipping is the perfect workout for your overall fitness. It can be part of a warm-up or the main exercise of your training. There are many benefits of skipping and it is one of the cheapest exercises. All you need is a rope. Do it anywhere you want!

The benefits of skipping

  • Betters your endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Good for coordination
  • You get more bone strength
  • Betters your balance
  • It is a full body workout
  • Strengthen your legs

Exercises for skipping

The basic workout is simply to jump as often as you can or for example for one minute at the beginning. If you are already advanced you can try some more complex workout.

For better coordination you can do a Ski-jump, Cross-over or a Double-jump. To get more strength you can do a High-Jump or a One-Feet-Jump.

As a beginner you can start with 30 second and this three times. Advanced jumpers can do 3-5 minutes or more and mix up the exercises. 

The record for most skips over a rope is more than 150,000 times. So stay tuned and keep on skipping! 😉

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