Better your sleep with some tips!

You don’t wanna hear the question „How did you sleep last night?“ when you already look groggy and very sleepy? A good nights sleep is essential for our body and our mind. We regenerate better and we perform better.

Regenerative sleep will help you to better your mental capacity and you feel better. It will remove your stress and improve your ability to solve complex situations. Your body will benefit from a good nights sleep as well and reduce your risk of healthy issues.

There are many ways to improve your sleeping quality.


Some of us are very sensitive of loud noise in the night. Try to eliminate all noises around you when you sleep.

Fresh air

The inside air of your bedroom is helpful for a good sleep. Allow fresh air to flow before you go to bed. Aloe Vera plants help you to freshen the air during the night.

Room temperature

The temperature in the bedroom is in most cases too high. The ideal temperature ist between 17 and 19 Celsius.


This should not be too firm and not too soft. It should have an excellent body support and a natural spinal alignment to offer a good blood circulation. Test it before you buy it!

Sleeping habits

Your body needs a rhythm to perform better. So create a sleeping routine.

Eat not too late

If you eat too short before going to bed, this can make it harder to fall asleep and have a deep sleep. Fresh fruit like apples or banana is okay an hour before sleep.

Lower your stress level before you go to bed

If you think and worry too much before you wanna sleep, it will block a good sleep. So write your worries down and forget to think about them before bed time.

Powernapping help you to sleep better during the night

10 to 15 minutes napping during the day helps you not to be overtired and betters your sleep during the night.

Workout regularly

If you do sports and training then this also lowers your stress level and will improve your sleeping quality. A short walk with around 1000 steps one hour before sleeping will help you to forget worries.

So test some tips for a better sleep. Some things need more time before you will start seeing the benefits.

But don’t give up, its worth it.