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Snowshoe Hiking – Wonderful Winter Activity

Snowshoe Hiking

Snowshoe hiking is very popular. It is a great experience to walk through the snow-covered winter landscape and to enjoy the beautiful nature off the beaten track.

Snowshoe hiking is a perfect endurance training and the routes can be adapted to the respective fitness level. Thus snowshoe hiking is suitable for beginners as well as advanced.

How to do Snowshoe Hiking?

The basic technique is to put one foot in front of the other by putting the end of the rear snowshoe next to the tip of the front snowshoe. You move forward in parallel and the movement is supported by sticks.

Uphill, you take shorter steps, the steeper the terrain. Downhill mostly takes place in the direct path with a light supine position.


  • No special footwear necessary
  • Warm clothing, functional and waterproof
  • Backpack with meals
  • Route should be determined beforehand
  • Caution in avalanche areas, take appropriate equipment with you

And the number of steps. With a 3h hike you can reach the 10,000 steps.

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