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Sport in the cold – healthy or not?

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To do sport in the cold air, is that healthy?

It is said that cold air is damaging the lungs, but is that why you have to give up sport in winter?

Cold air irritates the bronchi, mucous membranes and pulmonary vessels more, that’s right. These can contract so much that it comes to cramps. However, this means that you don’t have to quit your training automatically.

A scarf in front of the mouth and nose warms the air from inhalation and prevents the cold air from coming directly to the bronchi. The temperature perception is, of course, different for everyone.

A warning sign is pain in the lungs

However, if you already feel pain while exercising, then it can be a mild inflammatory stimulus. Here only helps to reduce the intensity to relieve the lungs again. From about 15 degrees below zero, it is questionable. From minus 20 then should be really renounced to sport. The cold air removes moisture from the mucous membranes and irritates the bronchi and the pulmonary vessels so much that the susceptibility to infection increases greatly.

So be careful while running in the cold and listen to your body especially in the cold season!

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