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Rope Climbing - Perfect Belly Workout

Rope Climbing – Perfect Workout for a strong core!

Rope Climbing, how to do a perfect crunch for an effective core workout? This workout with rope climbing crunches are fantastic for toning up the abdominal muscles. They are most effective if you do them right. We show you how! Why Rope climbing is a good core workout? Strong core muscles make it easier to do simple every day movements. They are very important if you do some sports. Especially for runners or swimmers they can help you to improve your technique and help you to stay fit. Weak core muscles can cause injuries and pain in your back. Watch the StepsApp Video on YouTube for “Rope climbing – Belly Workout”:   How to do a perfect Crunch with Rope Climbing? Crunches are a basic workout, which you can do every day and help you to perform better in your daily life and improve your performance for all kinds of sports. They promote good posture by working your lower back and gluteal muscles. With the movement of the crunch it’s going more to be a situp …

Burpees - Full Body Workout #1 | StepsApp Exercise & Training

Burpees – a full body workout to loose weight!

Burpees for a full body workout to loose weight! Burpees are a fundamental and full bodyweight exercise which improves your coordination, balance and strength. It is a standard exercise in Crossfit. In our workout we have the light version of it. Without jumping and less effort on the ground. Burpees are a full body workout to loose weight. Why Burpees? Burpees are a full bodyweight exercise which trains different skills of your body. It combines several fitness exercises to a fluid movement and betters your coordination, balance and strength. They are perfect for body fat burning. Due their intense they burn a ton of calories, much more than with moderate exercising. Watch the StepsApp Video on YouTube for “How to do a Burpee?”: How to do a Burpee? In general Burpees are an advanced exercise which combines several fitness exercises into a fluid movement. It is a mixture of squat, push-up and stretch with hands. We choose a basic and light version of this powerful exercise. This is how to start with Burpees as a beginner. 1. Starting position: Stand …