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Think positive! 7 tips against seasonal affective disorder

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7 tips against seasonal affective disorder – Think Positive!

Do you know that, when it gets dark again outside and the days are shorter, then a slight depression creeps in. Seasonal affective disorder – Your mood will drop and your motivation for activities will decrease. We have some tips to escape the winter depression.

It is also called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is a feeling of tiredness and sadness that some people have during the autumn and winter when there is very little sunshine.

  1. Start the day with positive thoughts
  2. Do not let negative thoughts be in your mind
  3. Smile have a positive attitude
  4. Be happy about the little things and always see the good things
  5. Just leave out negative messages and surround yourself with positive people
  6. Avoid comparisons
  7. Pay attention to your needs

    Additional tip: Move and do sports. If you set yourself a daily step goal, that will help you with your motivation. Many small steps make a big whole.

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