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Training when you are sick?

Training wenn man krank ist? StepsApp Blog

Winter is the time to get sick easily! But should you refrain from training when you have a cold?

Listen to your body

Even if you are used as an athlete to go to your limits, be careful. In case of a cold or a sore throat, it is advisable to take a break.

Sore throat is usually a sign of inflammation in the throat, which comes in connection with a viral or bacterial infection. Coughing, fever and a strange taste in the mouth can be accompanying symptoms.

If you do sports in this time, then the organism can be additionally weakened and this has a negativ affect on your general health.

Practical tips for your training

Even light training can lead to an overload of the body during this period. The training effect is very low anyway during this time.

Various tea blends help to get fit quickly. They have partially anti-inflammatory and germ-inhibiting and analgesic effect. The growth of bacteria is thereby prevented.

As a preventive measure, after training you should always warm up quickly, keep your feet warm, and provide enough vitamins to support your immune system.


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