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What makes a good steps counter?

What makes a good steps counter? StepsApp

With many different pedometer apps and step trackers on the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for when picking a step counter.

Following, we highlight some features that should be included in a good pedometer. Maybe this helps in finding the right one.

Features of a good pedometer

A simple pedometer design makes it easier to overview tracked steps- and other data.
Our brain is wired for simplicity, because it makes things easier to understand and process.

Integrated calories tracking
Calories tracking is an essential element of a good steps counter.
With it it’s easier to stay on track – especially when you’re using the pedometer in your weight loss plan.

Integrated distance tracking
After taking a walk or going for a run, you’d like to know the distance you’ve covered. With an integrated distance tracking tool this is easy and it complements calories tracking very well.

Option to set a personal steps goal
A simple, yet useful feature of a good pedometer. By setting a personal daily steps goal, staying on track of your daily achievements and your progress over time becomes almost effortless.

Activity reminders
Sitting for a large period of time isn’t healthy. Especially with many of us working at an office job, where we spend most of the time in front of a screen, it’s easy to forget to get up.
With an activity reminder, that you can turn on and off, you’re prompted to get moving.

Kilometer to miles switch
Every pedometer app and steps tracker that cares about its international customers needs the option to switch between kilometres and miles 🙂 – so that distance tracking is available for everyone.

There are definitely more elements, that can be included in a good steps counter. However, this list is a start.

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