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Why should you make 10,000 steps a day?

Fact is, that exercising improves your health. In this context you can often hear about the 10,000 steps a day. What is behind this magic number?

Exercising is good for the body

Regular exercise reduces the risks of many diseases. The heart begins to work more efficiently and the risk of heart attack is lower. The cardiovascular system is working more economically through training and stress hormones get reduced. 

Regularity make it happen

For a health benefit it is very important to exercise regularly. Ideally a mix of endurance, strength and mobility. A minimum of 30minutes each session and three or four times a week would be fine and helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What about the 10,000 steps?

The number of steps depends very much on your goals and your activities. If you are fairly active then you can set your daily step goal higher. The average American walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day. There are studies which say that taking fewer than 5,000 steps a day on average can increase your risk of bone loss, muscle atrophy and becoming diabetic. When you go for a 8 miles run (13km) then it will be around 12,000 steps. So let’s say that for the average person 10,000 steps are a good reference and can be a motivation to be active.

Don’t push too hard

But the most important is the intensity. On one side the workout for the body should not be too hard and on the other side it should have an effective stimulus. If you do more intensive you will also burn more calories, but get out of air soon and this has a negative effect on your endurance. Always try to make your steps in a moderate level. 

Tip: A good indication of the right intensity is when you can talk during the workout and don’t run out of air.

Enjoy your next 10,000 steps!

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